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Thank you for the birthday wishes!

Sat Aug 11, 2012, 9:57 AM
: )

I also got this in the mail today (today — my birthday)!

It's a good day : D

(and the movies coming out next week to boot!)


And also, thank you everyone who's given me the llamas. I've never gotten so many llamas before @_@;;



But first...why I would die first if I were in THG:

Because the gamemakers would know my ultimate weakness ;_;


Any, for my first question, is anyone out there going to New York Comicon? I was at Newbury comics a couple weeks ago and snagged myself a tribute training shirt on sale… (for $13 you guys! $13!!).

So if you're going, come by and say hi to the short chubby adult girl with a tribute training shirt on and her embarrassed spouse trailing behind far behind :I


For my other question, what version of THG are you ordering when it comes out on blu-ray/dvd next month? I've found like 3 different versions of it (from Amazon, Target and Walmart) and I wanted to see if there were any strong opinions regarding any of them because I honestly don't know which to preorder :/

(Peeeeta in HD...sooooooonnnn)


I want a Peeta Standee

Sat Jun 2, 2012, 7:25 PM

But I can't look at images of Josh Hutcherson without getting all giddy and blushy and embarrassed like I have a school girl crush or something. D:



And hey, I've never really done them before but...




Thu May 10, 2012, 7:27 PM





I should have new pages up of my THG fan comic this weekend...after I'm done copying everything over from my old harddrive : X (ugh)


Also, you all should check out :iconepicmagikarp: stuff because her THG stuff is LAWL-larious and makes me burst into laugher whenever she posts new THG stuff XD

EVERYDAY by EpicMagikarp

SPOILER: Gale's Present by EpicMagikarp

60th Deviation! (aka Effie Mows The Lawn) by EpicMagikarp

SPOILER: Guess What, Ceaser? by EpicMagikarp


Fri May 4, 2012, 8:25 PM
I think my computer is dead (as I write this from my S.O.'s laptop) and I have to take it to the Apple store tomorrow to see if there's anything I can do :/

...I'm not that upset about it right now. This same thing happened a couple of weeks ago but then later my computer was okay it turned on again (so after I stopped sobbing uncontrollably, I backed my art files up). I'm also pretty sure the hard drive is okay (and it's probably problems with my video card or the logic board) from what I've read on the internet.

Ugh, it's just more annoying than anything. I've been planning to get a new mac so I guess I'm going to do it this week (yay!) but I still have files on my old one that I haven't backed up yet (that I'd like to recover). Soooo...I'm trying to figure out how get my files from the hard drive in the interim.

So yeah, I wanted to get new pages of my THG comic up this weekend but I don't think I'll be able too.




I made these for  friends of mine. I wanted to share it here too : D

Thanks everyone for the nice comments regarding all the THG stuff I've been doing XD It just maaakes me wanna do moooore! ;A;


Wed Apr 11, 2012, 8:54 PM

My Hunger Games Tribute hoodie from Ript Apparel cammme in the maaail!! ;_; This is the design on the back of the sweatshirt:

it is beautiful

I'm so freaking happy right nowww D: it's so gorgeous! I know it sounds kinda lame but I plan on wearing it to work. Since I work as a graphic designer, I think I'll be able to pull off wearing this fantastically designed sweatshirt without being asked too many questions : D

...Although I don't think any one will get the reference but that's probably for the best.

I also preordered the Katniss barbie doll. It's sort of sad, I know, but I thought the doll looked really nice and who knows? Maybe if there are enough preorders, Effie might get a Barbie too...

(Here's to hoping because I bet it would look super fabulous)


...I also just bought this pin too (along with a Senica-beard one):



And now I have an overwhelming urge to draw fanart from it ;_; of course it'd all come out like animu :[


I just found out too that the author, Suzanne Collins, lives in the next town over from where I work D:


I'm moe for/in love with Peeta's character  ;_; and I'm not sure if I should check out the movie before I read the other two books...

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Mon Jan 30, 2012, 7:18 PM

Wooooo!! #The-DA-Ranger-Group's artbook came out really well! From what I can tell from the video, the print quality looks really nice. As a graphic designer, it brings a tear to my eye ;_;

(also, my work got a full page, so nyaaaa!)


I'm going to Anime Boston with my best friend this year and I'm thinking about cosplaying for it. Specifically, I want to cosplay as a generic female Hanegasaki High student >_>


I want to know if anyone out there has had experience with cosplay stores online, you know, those that'll taylor make a costume for you or whatever. I've seen some reviews for sites like Milanoo and Cosplay House but they weren't very...good reviews :/ Does anyone know of any cosplay sites that are actually good/trustworthy/etc? I've never done this before so I don't know where to start (it's a little overwhelming!).

Ahhhhhhh!!! D:

It's also my first real con ever! I really wanted to go to NYCC last year but was too sick to go. So I'm really looking forward to this!

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It feels like forever since I've been on here!

I've sick for a couple months with this chronic illness I have (that flares on and off again) so I stopped drawing for awhile after it got really bad (so bad I lost 35 pounds in less than a month and became anemic again). While my illness has finally gone into remission, I've started a new job and my commute's longer now so I don't get home as early as I used to (but at least my new job makes me happier --- so yay!)

I hope that I'll find the time to draw some more :O I've had ideas floating here and there and I'm hoping that Santa will see how I've been extra good this year and give me that Cintiq I've been wishing for all year ;-;

Happy Holidays!

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My TMGS2 site is live! Woooo

Sun Aug 14, 2011, 7:31 PM
My day job is in graphic design and I wanted to get the hang of building Wordpress templates again (something I used to do more of in college) and experiment more with jQuery and CSS3. I gave myself a personal project and have been busy working on a Tokimeki site for myself. It's a showcase of my GS2 doujinshi collection (I've been collecting them since getting into the game). If you're curious, you can view the site here:

I've archived translated doujinshi work that was done on the Gokusaishiki forums back when I posted the raws there.

If anyone out there is interested in contributing, it'd be nice if someone who knew how to read Japanese could help :> Especially with figuring out the names of work's circles/authors.

My Tokimemo Site

Also, I went to NYC yesterday to celebrate my birthday and went to Chinatown to get a Hokkaido Poo Poo Bear plush and the store was CLOSED (boooo)! I was so disappointed! However, my sadness was a little bit alleviated when I went to Kinokuniya and saw that they had a bunch of cute new stationary stuff from the last time I went there. They had stickers of this Kamio character called 'Oyaji' (lolololol) and I bought a couple stickers of him to make me feel better. He is so bizarre and cute @_@

Take a look for yourself!


I want both Oyaji and Hokkaido Poo Poo Bear plushes now!! D:

Join the Waka-sensei fanclub!

He's still the hottest teacher in all of otome gaming history! :O


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And I stumbled upon this store in Elizabeth Center with the following poster:

Hokkaido Poo Poo Bear

On the poster it reads that Hokkaido Poo Poo Bear takes the biggest poos in all of Japan!

It was the cutest and most bizarre thing I had seen in a while. Because I have UC myself, I thought it was extra hilarious.

And now I am remorseful because I didn't buy any Hokkaido Poo Poo Bear merchandise (it was expensive!) and I can't really seem to find any merchandise on the internet for sale ;_;

I may have to go back and buy a plush...They had the bears with little plush poos attached to it. So weird and cute!


Join the Waka-sensei fanclub!

He's the hottest teacher in all of otome gaming history! D: (I'm pathetisad)


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Fri Jun 17, 2011, 1:06 PM…


Thank you to all Nico Nico users who put wonderful fanmade Tokimeki Memorial GS2 videos on youtube ;_; Thank you so much.

Join the Waka-sensei fanclub!

He's the hottest teacher in all of otome gaming history! D: (I'm pathetisad)


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I made a Waka-sensei group :O

Wed May 18, 2011, 6:29 AM
For all of you who like Tokimeki Memorial GS2 (I swear, it's all I talk about these days), I've made a DA group dedicated to Waka-sensei:


I figured it'd be a good experiment into testing out groups...and because I really like the character Wakaouji-sensei a lot.

--- I hope people will join >_>

Hopefully since the full patch of the 2nd game has been released, there will be more people who become fans of TMGS2 :>

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*dies happy*


OMG OMG...there will be much time of me being pathetisad to come ;_;




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Tokimeki GS 'walkthrough' XDD

Sun May 8, 2011, 10:05 AM
Tokimeki/Dexter Mashup

Anyone who likes TMGS, read this thread. Please, it's going to be the highlight of your day.

The best thing I've ever read regarding Tokimeki Memorial GS (it's fucking hilarious). One of the members of the forum goes through an entire play-through of the first game and the comments made with the screencaptures of the game...are priceless.

Oh my god, this thread...this thread makes me love Tokimeki GS 100x more than I already to now (and I didn't think that was possible) D:

I can't wait for her to do a walkthrough of the second game...which she says she'll do when the final patch is released *_*  Hauuuu~~!!

Hetalia otome game

It's a Hetalia Otome game D: That I will never get to understand....because it is in Japanese ;_; (goddammit)

England looks so cute ;A; --- I like blonde guys >_>

Much like Hetalia vol 3 of the manga, which I won't get to read either because Tokyopop shut-down.


This means it's the FOURTH time a work by Ai Morinaga's will be rendered incomplete. First Duck Prince, second Your and My Secret, third Heavenly Hockey Club, and lastly Your and My Secret AGAIN after it was licensed rescued from Tokyopop.

---When I was younger I made an Ai Morinaga fansite --- it hasn't been updated in years.

I am saddened by the news because, much like many other manga fans, I first got into manga because of Tokyopop. I remember reading my first Mixxzine issue 13 years ago with Sailor Moon and Rayearth...However I always thought they made some dumb decisions like Princess Ai (and all the crap that came with it), flooding the market beyond a reasonable capacity, and that reality weeaboo TV series on Hulu I refuse to watch :/ But of course it doesn't help that Borders went bankrupt.

It also saddens me that this most likely means the end of BLU publishing :/ they published a lot Hinako Takanaga's work and for that I am grateful.

I hope that, at least, Hetalia gets a license rescue.

And I hope that all the people who got laid off find jobs soon. Especially Asako Suzuki (who I know was laid off earlier ---- I was so happy when I found out that she got a job at TP because I LOVED CMX. I LOVED IT SO MUCH---).

----A Sad Manga-buying fan :'(


Mon Apr 4, 2011, 12:22 PM
Otome games are addictive...and make me sad because after I play/beat them I feel sorta hollow I haven't really accomplished anything D:

It's like, you get to the point where the guy you're trying to get the ending with finally confesses to you...and ends...and then it's like WTF, I spent 5 hours playing this D: THAT'S IT? I guess I'm sad because they cute guys aren't really REAL ;A; and because I'm in my 20's now and have become more cynical over the years :'<

That's the feeling I get after I play through them :/

Drawing fanarts feels more fulfilling than playing an Otome game. I still like Otome games but if more of them were translated in English, I'd be wasting a lot more time and be angry at myself for it :<


Does anyone still do Kiribans?

Wed Feb 16, 2011, 10:49 AM
I used to love them! It's a fun idea. I used to see them all the time when I was in middle school ;A;

Then I will do a Kiriban! When my pageviews hit 45,000 I will do it for the lucky visitor =O

Oh my goodness, the following icon is too adorable: